Crafting with Meem

This weekend I went home to my parent's house and had some quality time crafting with my mom ( for those who don't know, I call her Meem). 

They turned my old bedroom downstairs into the craft/sewing/scrapbook room. It's nice to have a large space to work and keep all of your supplies organized! 

My mom loves to craft just about as much as I do, maybe even more. We listened to pandora and crafted our little hearts out. We had a really good time! I'm so lucky to have a Meem like her, I could never ask for more. 

Here are some of the thing she made....

She makes REALLY pretty paper flowers! These are def time consuming, but I think the outcome is probably worth it! 

Burlap to decorate a vase we already had. The vase was free and she had the burlap in her stash!

Same concept as the burlap on the vase, just using different material from her stash!

She is one talented lady!

Here are some things I made. If anyone is interested in any of the projects I can post tutorials!

It's really great to let your creative side out once in awhile! It makes me happy and appreciate the beautiful things in life. 
What Inspires you?





Thanks for visiting oh, what a pretty thing! My name is Emily and I'm a lover of all things pretty, crafty, and joyful.

I just want to start by saying that I made this blog about two months ago and didn't know how to get it started. So, I decided that I would just get right into it, starting with a tutorial on my new favorite little craft, paper flowers!

Please forgive me for a few things...
1. my newbie blogging skills
2. my nasty nails - we had family game night on Sunday and I was getting into it and bit all my nails off (gross and a bad habit, I know).

Paper Flowers are a lot of fun to make, and you can make a really beautiful arrangement when you're done!
1. Start with scrapbook paper of your choice. I like cardstock that has a pattern, the thicker paper is easier to work with. Also, a plus if you can find paper that has color on both sides.

2. Start cutting your spiral. You can use a pencil and then trace your lines OR use freehand with your scissors! Try to cut making the edges scalloped to add a little dimension. It doesn't have to be perfect!

This is what your spiral should look like!

3. Start rolling your spiral in. Starting with the outside edge, roll the pattern IN so you only see the back of the paper.
Your rolled up spiral should look like this.


4. Hold the flower in the palm of your hand and gently adjust it to the size and shape that you are happy with.

5. With a glue gun, put glue all over the bottom part of the flower and then set the rest of it on top of the glue. Adjust the paper how you desire.


Arrangement in my room
Flowers I'm making for my mom!

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